Education & Training Classes

Virlee Gunworks Shooting Center is offering firearm courses for everyone of every level of experience, from beginner to experienced that just wants a place to shoot and hone their skills.

Below you will find the different courses being offered and costs. Please notice the courses are broke down by level of knowledge and experience.

Pistol 1

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 3 hours
Course Fee: $79.99
This beginner course is designed to introduce students to the safe handling and utilization of their own handgun. Consisting of classroom and range time, students will gain confidence in their abilities to become a safe and accurate gun owners.
Course Outline
Safe gun handling Gun Maintenance
Handgun and action type familiarization Safe storage
Shooting fundamentals Cleaning Procedures
Equipment Required
Semi-automatic pistol or revolver 50 Rounds of Ammunition
Eye and Ear Protection **Rentals Available**

Pistol II

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 4 hours
Course Fee: $129.99
In Pistol II, students will take their gun handling, accuracy, and speed to the next level. Consisting of various live fire and dry fire drills, This course will give shooters a true understanding the shot process. Pistol II will increase a shooter’s confidence and proficiency regardless of experience.


Course Outline
shot process Recoil management
Reloads Group Shooting
Presentations Target Transitions
Equipment Required
Semi Automatic Pistol 100 rounds of ammunition
Eye and Ear Protection At least 2 Magazines

Defensive Pistol

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 3.5 hours
Course Fee: $99.99
Defensive Pistol will teach shooters the proper tactics and skills necessary to utilize their guns for self defense. This course will get students comfortable with holster draws, strong and weak hand shooting, and introduce initiative based tactics.
Course Outline
Carry considerations Escalation of force
Holster work Initiative based tactics
Reloads Defensive shooting drills
Equipment Required
Semi-automatic pistol Magazine pouches
Reliable holster 100 rounds of ammunition
At least 2 magazines Eye and ear protection